M-Score Twist is the number one scoreboard! It improves Fair Play, is simple to use and gives great involvement for spectators. The M-Score Twist is delivered without stickers. Optionally you can order a double-sided sticker set with your sponsor logo for generating advertising revenue.

TWIST is a clear and durable scoreboard for the score of tennis and padel. Both the construction of aluminium and the scoreboard balls are very solid. The M-Score scoreboard is built to last for many years without the requirement of any major maintenance. The solid frame is made of aluminium which ensures the M-Score to be rust free, forever!

Unlike other scoreboards out there, the M-Score TWIST scoreboard does not use the “Home and Away” system. When players change sides, all they need to do is turn the M-Score scoreboard to reflect the correct score for each player. So even when a spectator doesn’t know who is playing at home and away, they can now easily keep track of the score for each player.

The M-Score Twist is suitable for any courts. There are three different mounting options available.

  • Detached, which enables the M-score to be moved from one court to other in a matter of seconds (usually indoor)
  • S-shape pole, securely mounted to the net post or fence
  • Straight pole, securely mounted to the net post or fence<

The installation of these mounts is very easy en should not take longer than 5-10 minutes. An installation manual will be provided with every order. 

M Score Tennis Scoreboard Straight Pole 300x225  M Score Tennis Scoreboard S Shape Pole1 300x225  M Score Tennis Scoreboard 4 300x225

Optionally, a separate module is available for the set scores. 

M score set score     M Score met Set ScoreDemetal 2

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