In addition to the well-known and durable M-Score TWIST, the new M-Score SWIPE is available since the beginning of 2017! Afbeelding1

It is specifically designed for padel but, because the scorekeeping is the same, it can also be used for tennis. It improves Fair Play, is simple to use and gives great involvement for spectators. The M-Score SWIPE is delivered with a sticker with “TEAM 1 vs TEAM 2”. Optionally you can order a sticker with your sponsor logo for generating advertising revenue.

After playing two games and change sides, all they need to do is to update the score by “swiping” two balls. The score is clearly visible in- and outside the courts, for players and spectators.

SWIPE is a clear and durable scoreboard for the score of tennis and padel. Both the construction of aluminium and the scoreboard balls are very solid. The M-Score scoreboard is built to last for many years without the requirement of any major maintenance. The solid frame is made of aluminium which ensures the M-Score to be rust free, forever!


Afbeelding2The SWIPE scoreboard is easy to mount to the fence/ padel construction with four hexagonal screws, next to the entrance. Because it is mounted on the outside of the court, players can’t injure themselves and it doesn’t influence the ballgame. Mounting material is included.

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